It was my first business trip outside of Malaysia. This business trip is for aircraft maintenance procedures which organized by Cebu Pacific Airlines, My colleague and I were invited to attend the course. We had really great trip and feel lucky we got to go.

I came prepared before travelling. Reading map on google and get information about transportation and distances as part of my preparation. Not forget to change currency to Pesos (PNP).
The return trip airfares and hotel was sponsored by companies so I carried with me only Pnp 3280 peso (RM300). Since the hotel come with breakfast so I really hopefully that I could survive that amount of money for 3 days. 

Our flight from KLIA  to Ninoy Aquino InternationalAirport (NAIA) took about 4 hours but we have an hour delayed before departure. so We arrived at NAIA around 11 at night when the flight took off at 7 pm.

Manila, outside of the airport seriously has a lot of people waiting to get you in the cab. I felt annoyed when these people try to persuade u and following you around. Few drivers tried to offer you 1500 peso and some 1300 peso. That was crazily expensive and i think they tried to ripped you off. I seriously say them "NO, thank you"

Luckily we found the long line of people waiting at the end of the airport. We saw they are waiting for the metered taxi. It was yellow taxi car.  So we decided to just stand in the line. Even it was long line and waited about half an hour,it's worth. We finally got the cab and ended up to check in the hotel around 12.30 am. The taxi fare from NAIA to hotel was 210 peso. The yellow taxi surprisedly save our lives.

The hotel we stayed called Red Planet located in Aseana City, Manila. It was cute, clean and nice. But one thing I did not like there were no fridge and water to drink. I was really tired and thirsty, so  I went to reception downstairs to ask for the water. The lady told me if i want to have a big bottle of mineral water, i can go to shop just next door of the hotel.

I went out and saw the shop called "Family Mart" and bought a bottle of water. It cost  me 32.30 peso. One thing amazed me, the cashier gave me a paper bag instead of plastic for a bottle of water. I really support of green environment.

The next morning i woke up at 5.30 am. The window curtain was opened  and I was shocked Manila day time started early.The clear sky on 5.30 am was like 7.30 am in Malaysia.

We got ready by 7 am and went for breakfast. I had pancakes and egg with pineapple juice. Then we jumped the metered taxi to the Cebu Pacific building. It cost us  92 pesos.

Lunch time, Thankfully the meal was provided. Staying inside the building was chilly so we decided to warm up outside.

We hung up for a while outside and grabbed 3 flavors ice cream. Avocado, mango and coconut served in one cup. It was seriously delicious taste especially under the hot sun.

The ice-cream cost us Pnp 30. (30 pesos) for each cup.

There were a logo and the model located in the lobby and I took a chance to take pictures in front of them.

We headed to the mall after class. The biggest Mall in Philippines called " Mall of Asia" and it just beside south east ocean.

Philippine main delicacies is pork i guess,  everywhere even the small stall they served pork. But we have dinner in Burger King. 

The next day morning, we had the same breakfast even do have choice to select other menu. We continues the class as usual the class we had finished early.  
The picture was taken from Cebu Pacific building

The participants received the certificates and took a chance to take picture with instructor and the manager. Honestly we enjoyed the class and the staff are friendly.

Philippine is famous with dried mangoes. I brought home some of the dried fruits that we bought from Hypermarket in Mall of Asia. I spend those dried fruits about 700 pesos for myself and for family and friends

Even we in Manila for 3 days, we ate good and saw so much. The building, the people, the traffic and the city. There were so much to learn and explore in this country. We spent most of times in the main city and I bet there are many pretty places to visit. 

The hat that I was wearing same as like Cebu Pacific airlines cabin crew.
Good bye Manila. See you again